Are you looking for a workshop which is engaging, creative and where the participants find themselves forgetting time and immersing themselves in a subject, creating a strong bond with the theme and group?

Different workshops I offer can explore various themes;

Me, my instrument and my voice. Creating a strong connection with your instrument and experiencing it in a different way then you have been doing.

Body, Music, Contact. How to connect with yourself and others- breaking down mental barriers.

Creative movement for wellbeing. Everything we experience is stored in the body. Our mental health and the relationship it has with our body go hand in hand. The more we move and can break out of our traditional repetitive ways of moving, the more we nourish the body and increase flexibility in body and mind.

Concept creation.

If you have a theme which you would like explore (music or movement based) and find a creative way to go about exploring it,I would be happy to work together to create a unique concept for you.