0-3 year olds

A large part of my classes for children 0-3 year olds is about connection.

If you are looking for something which:

  • is an activity that you can enjoy together
  • which will introduce your child to music in and immersive and creative way
  • is based on the latest scientific and child development research and communicated in an age appropriate way
  • features live music

……then you are in the right place!

In my courses for 0-3 years old, the focus is on establishing a joyful connection with music, to their body, with you and the environment around them.

The classes are inspired by Gordons Music Learning Theory and focus on creating a rich musical environment for the children to immerse themselves in. The focus is on introducing the language of music. On hearing different melodies, rhythms, tempos, dynamics, expression- everything which forms the basis of language! Different sounds from different languages, different modes and time signature are explored playfully and with space for the listened to be heard.

Just as children learn a language by being immersed in its complexity, this weekly space allows the children to become familiar to the language of music, being able to play and explore it through their bodies, reacting and interacting to it freely.

Join a class

Where? All the classes are held at DUGU, Landstraßer Hauptstraße 13/2/Top 18

Each Class is limited to 7 children with their accompanying caregiver.

Classes starting in January


14.30-15.15 0- 18 months

Course dates: 10.1/ 17.1 /24.1 /31.1/ 14.2/21.2/28.2/7.3/14.3/21.3/28.3/(4.4)


15.30- 16.15 18 months- 3 years old

Course dates: 11.1/18.1/25.1/1.2/15.2/22.2/1.3/8.3/15.3/22.3/29.3/ (5.4)