Music and Movement classes

From the very moment we are born, our sense for movement is developed. Surrounded by amniotic fluid, our touch receptors over our whole body feel the movement of the fluid on our skin. At 20 weeks in utero the development of the inner ear is finished and can already start to register sound. By the start of the third trimester, the ear is fully developed and the voices of the mother, father, are recognised and emotionally registered by the baby. Whether comforted by their mothers heartbeat or reacting to sounds from the outside, they are already starting to react with the environment. These senses lay at the foundation of our development, and lay the stones of how we carry on learning and connecting with our environment outside of the womb.

My classes are based on this fundamental and inherent knowlege- that we learn through our environment, through our bodies (through our senses), and emotional connection.

In the classes, we imagine, move, play games, sing, explore instruments, improvise, hear different types of music and create together. This maybe sounds a little daunting all in one sentence(!), but the classes are led in a way that everyone can join in and are paced at the level of the group.

Music has been shown to help in so many areas of development. As the children become older, music and movement based games are introduced to develop their social, concentration and motor skills in a fun and playful way.